Set Police

We have hand selected off-duty police officers and motorcycle officers with the right attitude. ASA Off-Duty Police are required by City Filming Permit when the location is in a public area. They are responsible for maintaining fire lanes, supervising street closures and escorting Production through traffic. When your Permit calls for Off-Duty Police, ASA Film Crew officers are the best you can find!


Watch Guards*

ASA Watch Guards wear a generic uniform similar to other Event Security. A Polo Shirt which is clearly labeled with “Security”, a baseball cap also labeled and a “Security” labeled jacket on cold days. Watch Guards are NOT to be mistaken as police as they do not have authority to “take down” or “arrest”.

Watch Guards have the responsibility to stay sharp while keeping an eye on Production equipment and personnel as needed. Most often, simply having “eye on” is all that is required to keep a perimeter secure. Watch guards are also known as set security, motion picture security, film set security, security guards, location security, production security, studio security & unarmed guards.


Extensively Licensed, Trained and Experienced Officers:

Our experienced security officers are equipped with the professional resources and technical expertise necessary to address any company’s or individual’s security issues. Whether you are interested in security for your next special event/production or need security guards, our honorable security experts have you covered. We offer a number of options to best serve your needs, including highly skilled armed bodyguards, plain-clothes security officers, and much more to meet your security needs. We understand that, in order to provide you with the security services that you can count on, the better trained our personnel are, the better we can serve you as our client.

*NOTICE: ASA refers security to the film industry only. Watch guards hold Proprietary Private Security Officer (PSO) registrations with the State of California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. ASA is not a licensed PPO. ASA is a contracted business agent for PSO security providers. PSO’s are not employees of ASA. ASA highly suggests that those hiring security services of PSO’s, file an “Application For Proprietary Private Security Employer”