Studio Teacher/Welfare Worker

The law requires that when you are working with children on the set that you have a licensed Studio Teacher present at all times to enforce the Child Labor Laws and to give schooling at appropriate times as required by law. Basically they are one person wearing two hats.

ASA Studio Teachers work hard to be “Kid friendly” and “Production friendly” at the same time. Our teachers in California have both State Teaching Credentials and State Welfare worker certification via the California State Labor Commission. ASA teachers specialize in non-union and union projects and are there to assist and enable production and children within the confines of the law. They work with you and not against you to facilitate your production needs and will consult with you if there is a better way to facilitate your production and the needs of the children. We can give advice with last minute work permitting for your child actors via advice and links located within this website. We are also available for consultation and for Production support before the minor’s work dates.


Baby Nurses

Baby Nurses are required on the set anytime you are shooting with babies under 6 months old. They are used in conjunction with a Studio Teacher (see Child Services Section). Their job is to assist production with any babies involved in your shoot.

ASA Baby Nurses are all on-call working professional registered nurses (RN’s) They are regularly staffing the local pediatric emergency & intensive care units. You will not find a better qualified nurse anywhere else.

Age Work Time School Hours R & R Meal Total Set Time Other Requirements
15 days –
5+ mos
20 mins 0 0 1/2 hour 2.5 hours Employed only between 9:30-11:30am and 2:30-4:30pm. Nurse required
6 mos –
1+ years
2 hours 0 2 hours 1/2 hour 4.5 hours no school requirements
2 – 5+
3 hours 0 3 hours 1/2 hour 6.5 hours no school required for kindergartners
6 – 8+
4 hours 3 1 hour 1/2 hour 8.5 hours 6 hrs work time on non-school days. Schooling between 7am-4pm for Elementary.
9 – 15+
5 hours 3 1 hour 1/2 hour 9.5 hours 7 hrs work time on non-school days. Schooling can be between 7am-7pm for Jr. High School-Senior High School.
16 – 17 years 6 hours 3 1 hour 1/2 hour 10.5 hours Studio Teacher required for schooling only. Schooling can be between 7am-7pm.